About Us

Northern Lions Esports is an esports organization by students for students. Located in Leeuwarden at François HaverSchmidtwei 3 and formerly Based in the building of NHL Stenden university of applied sciences, we strive to create communities, train aspiring gamers, educate those interested in esports and above all: have fun.

Since our founding in 2017, we’ve grown, developed and expanded and are currently competing in games like Rocket League and League of legends with teams on a national and international level.

We’re not done, however, as for us the sky is not the limit, and we’ve just taken off. Plans for more teams, more games, and a bigger and independent gaming facility are all in the works. More info about our facility can be found here.

Besides gaming, Northern Lions Esports also operates as an educational instance. Using the design-based learning philosophy, we offer practical opportunities for studies by providing assignments, minors or even full-on internships for students interested in the esports business and everything that surrounds it.

But above all, we provide a place for everyone who wants to participate. With members from all over the world, we form a diverse community united in their passion for gaming, and we’re committed to sharing our message with the people in need. Minorities, people in poverty and all others who face issues in their daily life, we want to be there for you and create an opportunity to forget and have fun. “From humble beginnings to high ends” is our motto, and at Northern Lions Esports, we want to achieve these high ends together with you.

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