BDS Esports acquire LEC spot for 2022

Written by Lesley Buurlage

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Recently you may have stumbled across the news that team BDS acquires FC Schalke 04’s League
of Legends European Championship (LEC) slot. Starting from the 2022 Spring Split, Team BDS will
operate as a core member of LEC.

It’s out for Schalke, and in for BDS

Team BDS is an esports organization that was created back in 2018 in Switzerland and has
professional teams for a variety of games, such as League of Legends, VALORANT, Rocket
League, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Trackmania. Their franchise rocket league
team is built from really skilled players that have won several tournaments in the past,
such as the RLCS Season X Fall European Major in 2020 and the RLCS Season X Winter
European Major in 2021. Rainbow Six Siege (R6) is another game where BDS find themselves
really successful. The organization markets itself as being a club that helps talents grow and
develop while aiming to reach the highest level of
competition possible.

The BDS organization has always aimed to play at the highest level and to be a leading
esports club in Europe. In the past three years, one of BDS’s main priorities was to establish
an environment where players can focus on growth and expanding their gaming skills
and proficiencies. The organization has proved that they are capable of bringing a lower-tier team to the top of Europe and the World on both Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.
By doing so, they managed to build a reputation of being able to support and guide players
in reaching their full potential.

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