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LowLandLions x Northern Lions

LowLandLions has teamed up with Northern Lions Esports to bring local talent back to the highest level in League of Legends.

BDS Esports acquire LEC spot for 2022

Recently you may have stumbled across the news that team BDS acquires FC Schalke 04’s Leagueof Legends European Championship (LEC) slot. Starting from the 2022 Spring Split, Team BDS willoperate as a core member of LEC. It’s out for Schalke, and in for BDS Team BDS is...

Sony acquires dutch company Nixxes

Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired Nixxes Software, a Dutch game development company based in Utrecht and has paired them to work with Playstation Studios. The developer, whose gaming portfolio includes work on the Marvel’s Avengers game, Deus Ex: Mankind...