LowLandLions x Northern Lions

The North and South roar together.

LowLandLions has teamed up with Northern Lions Esports to bring local talent back to the highest level in League of Legends. Northern Lions will be responsible for managing LowLandLions’ League of Legends teams. They will also be LowLandLions’ way of going back to connect with the Benelux community that has made us so great and has always supported us through thick and thin. This means we will again fully focus on finding and supporting local talent. In addition, our friends and partners from Northern Lions Esports will manage the teams that will play under the LowLandLions name in the Elite Series.

LowLandLions as an organisation cannot do without the community’s support that has made us great, and it is only logical for us to give something back. We want to support the Benelux in the same way we are supported by the communities. Simply put, we want to become an organisation that can compete internationally with the best teams by training local talent and turning them into real-world-beaters. But we don’t just want to become an organisation where the top teams can pick the talents that we train. We want to put the region back on the map and become a sustainable organisation that everyone is proud to play for.

We could use the help of Northern Lions Esports for our League of Legends teams. Initially, they are taking charge of our League of Legends teams, but in the long run, we see our partnership growing. We firmly believe in the project set up by the people behind Northern Lions Esports.

Northern Lions Esports is an organisation that knows its stuff. In the five years since the organisation was founded at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, the team has become a household name in the Benelux Esports scene. From a backroom to a full-fledged Esports complex, with a college that takes the world of Esports seriously and a team that also knows how to get others excited about the beautiful world of Esports. We can only praise these kinds of initiatives within LowLandLions and that is also the reason that we can’t wait to start our collaboration.

In total, Northern Lions Esports will provide three teams. A student team staying true to the original idea behind Northern Lions Esports. There is also a team for the second division with the same goal as the original Northern Lions Esports: to win the second division. Finally, the old Northern Lions Esports team will be fully promoted to LowLandLions and will play for the organisation in the Elite Series. The transition of the team to LowLandLions is at the core of what LowLandLions stands for the progression of teams and players to a professional status.

Filip Langerock, the founder of LowLandLions, is very satisfied with the collaboration: “I am proud of this collaboration,” he says. “’Grassroots’ in Esports is the only thing we can excel at as local teams and that is exactly what we want to strengthen with this partnership. NLE has already proven itself as a strong player, so this is a win-win for everyone.”

Michel “HugMePlease” Waanders, the founder of Northern Lions Esports, also likes the collaboration. “LowLandLions has been at the top of the Benelux for years,” he says. “We at Northern Lions want LowLandLions to remain at the top through sustainable growth and support for years to come. The lions in the north along with the lions in the south; who can stop us now? Go Lions!”

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