Northern Lions Quarantine Games

After last year’s success, Northern Lions Esports are back with the 2021 Quarantine Games. On the 24th and 25th of this month, we’ll have a League of Legends and Valorant tournament,respectively, for everyone who wants to participate! Several prizes will be on offer for the best performers, but the fun we have on the way is a price for everyone. Signing up is simple, go to Button and register yourself and the rest of your team for a spot in the Quarantine Games.

On both days the tournament will start at 2 PM CEST (so 2 o’clock dutch time), with the finals being scheduled to take place at around 10-11 PM. The tournaments will be played via a double elimination bracket, therefore everyone has a 2nd chance whenever luck isn’t in your favor. Teams are allowed to register a maximum amount of 7 players, which gives the possibility for substitutes or strategic changes.

Both tournaments will be livestreamed for the complete duration on twitch so make sure to check in, even if you’re not playing! After the tournament every participating team will also receive a full data analysis of their games, provided by our data development team!

For the top 3 of every tournament we’ve got the following prizes in store:

#1: A custom-made jersey for the entire team!*
#2: medium sized pizzas, provided by our partner Domino’s!
#3: A surprise package, provided by Red bull!

*Design to be provided by the winning team, for a small financial contribution we’ll hook you up with a professional designer to put your ideas on paper.

Upcoming Tournaments


League of Legends

Double eliminations Valorant bracket

Double eliminations League of Legends bracket