About us

About us

History of the club:

We started our journey in October 2017, We were not content with the fact that there was a low amount of support for education related to esports. The suggestion came up that we had to start a team in the biggest game in the esports League of legends. We started a team and compete in the open qualifier of the Dutch college league.

We got together a team with people that no one wanted on their team and Stenden NHL Lionkings was born. We only dropped 1 game in de open qualifier and straight-up qualified for the DCL (Dutch college league). After this happened we pitched to people from the school if they wanted to join and we got around 100 applications.

We got Milan Borota in after we formed the team. He is a designer that believed in our passions and our Ideas and he created our identity and our shirts in which we competed in various tournaments. He produced everything for us from logos to promo materials and helped us establish our self in the Dutch scene

After we got these applications we felt that we had to do more than just be an organization on paper. We wanted to give people a place where they could play and practice as a team, so they could improve more rapidly and get to the next level. We also wanted to create a space where people could gather practice and experience for the rapidly growing esports industry. We want to prepare people for functions that are not widely known or exist yet.

We started expanding into other games last year and have done successfully. We field teams in these 9 titles: League of Legends, CSGO, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Apex Legends, PUBG, World of tanks, Rainbow 6 Siege, Brawlhalla. We are constantly staying up to date with the movements in the esports industry and are also already looking to field a roster for Legends of Runterra.

Now, since having a partnership with NHL Stenden University of applied science. They host us in the facilities of the school such as our gaming facility and stream/recording studio. Next to that we are developing relationships with everything from primary schools to the sport club Cambuur and are looking at options for future cooperation.

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