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Join us

Want to become part of an Esports organisation where you’re to improve yourself in any game you want? Or maybe just hang out with like-minded people? Then you are more than welcome at Northern Lions Esports. You’re free to sign up for Northern Lions Esports, that way you get added to the NLE group which keeps you in the loop with everything related to the Northern Lions. Our discord group also offers you a place to talk with others and ask questions to our helpful staff.

For €15 a month you can become a member of Northern Lions Esports, granting you access to our gaming facility -Once Covid-19 restrictions are lessened or lifted-. This place is located in the Stende- NHL building and houses 25 top-quality gaming PCs where you can play any game you want, or join in with others in one of the plethora of games we play with eachother daily. From Moba’s to racing sims and from shooters to RPGs, at NLE there are always people willing to play with you.

If you want to step up your game you can also apply for one of our talent teams, where you’ll work together with other players and a coach to improve your skillsets and achieve better results. We have teams participating in leagues and tournaments on national and international level so we can offer you the expertise and experience to become a better player.

Even though Northern Lions Esports is an organization by students for students, our player base isn’t just limited to students. Everyone is welcome to sign up and join in on the fun!

Want to get a taste of the action? You’re always free to come in and experience what NLE has to offer.

Interested in signing up? Drop by the facility in the NHL building -Rengerslaan 10, Leeuwarden- and speak to one of our members.

During the Covid-19 pandemic you can also fill in this Sign-up form and send it to,one of our staff will then come back to you.