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Dutch League Application

Northern Lions would like to thank all the people that help us become who we are today. You helped us through your dedication, passion and your kindness of sacrificing time to help us out in moments of need. We appreciate everything you did and meant to us in the last months and years building up to this moment. We would like to thank all of you here individually and show you the respect you deserve.

Firstly, we would like to thank Patrick Bemmelmans director of the Communication and Media studies. You have been a supporter of us from the beginning and have always believed in us to reach our goals. You have opened doors for us that would have otherwise stayed closed or hidden, you have been insanely valuable to us more then you will ever know.

Also Chiara Fabbri, Bert Hofstede, Dirk Dijk, Cor Penning, Astrid Reynders and Marco ten Hoor, thank you for supporting us trough feedback and facilitating us in creating opportunities by and for students in the university of applied science NHL Stenden.

The ICT departments of NHL Stenden have been helping us out wherever they could and were needed. Special thanks to Irawan Toepan, Marieke Bodde, Kaije Henstra, Jan Foolen and Christiaan Ijpe.

This would have not been possible without NHL Stenden believing in us and supporting us reaching our goals. You have taken a risk on us and we are happy to say that we have shown great potential and that we have reaching our goals every single day.

We value all past iterations with other teams that merged with us or played under our name believing in the goals we set out to achieve within Northern Lions. We owe you a great deal, although we were not always perfect we have all become stronger and we have learned a great deal from each one of you.

We show everyday appreciation to our members that support us every month and the last years. They motivate us to do better every step of the way. You are the reason we moved on trough hardship and setbacks, you gave us the energy to move on.

I would personally like to thank our staff and board for giving it their all on this journey and still doing it every day. You have all joined this journey not for things like money since we had none to offer or for you own gains. You have all joined me in the quest to build together towards a better and sustainable future for esports in the Netherlands and next to that Europe.

Lastly I would like to thank Teodora Djordjevic with being next to me every step of the way and having my back wherever I go. You are here in the highs and lows and your love and support makes this all possible.

Thank you all. Sincerely, Northern Lions Esports.