NLE partners with Overwolf to playtest new app

Northern Lions Esports has joined up with gaming application developer Overwolf to playtest the beta of their newest tool: Wolftrainer. A program which aims to help players improve their game by allowing an easier way to Review yourself.

Overwolf is an app developer who have released a plethora of tools which can help gamers like you improving their skillsets, including different types of stattracking and overlays. Their app store offers all these app -most times for free!- for a wide range of games from Rainbow 6, League of legends and Valorant to Minecraft, Fortnite and Fall guys.

Starting Monday 8th NLE will start playtesting Overwolf’s newest app Wolftrainer, a multi-viewpoint capturing tool for League of Legends where all 5 players POVs and 1 spectator POV can be recorded and analysed, tracking events such like teamfights or the destruction of towers. This app will give players and coaches a better opportunity for VOD reviews and therefore learn, adapt and improve their skillsets.

For the foreseeable future a selected group of NLE members will be playtesting Wolftrainer, reporting bugs, giving feedback and bring up suggestions to Overwolf for further improvements. We can’t wait to get started!