Recapping the last Year

Recapping the past year.
First I want to start off by saying this year was something special. In all the good ways and in all the bad ways of possible. We had allot of stress as an organization because of all the insecurities and a good time since we finally reached our destination planned 1.5 years ago .

First things first: We got our facility Hoooorayyyyy ;D Read more about that here

So lets start at the beginning: We had before the summer 2018 a deal with our school (NHL Stenden) that they would help us because our project was beneficial to them if well executed and they wanted to reward our exceptional dedication and hard work. The problems arose in what way they would help us.

It became quickly clear that they did not really want us with our facility in the school itself because of shortage in space for regular school activities. We proposed to make a out of school atelier run by school but owned by us. We found a location, designed the location, got all the price estimated and build a business plan and financial plan around the proposed solution. All this work cost us around 3 months and we got the proposition to the board that had to agree on our plans.

After some time it seemed that the board didn’t really like the plans for a location outside of school since this would mean there would be another offsite school location and they already had to many of those. We had to come up with another solution, after negotiations we agreed that we had to find a location suited for it inside the school and we came to the agreement that this would be one of the test rooms in old NHL location. There was only one but in the whole plan we didn’t have space for the 40 computers we needed. We downgraded the amount of computers but upgrades the total specifications on them to be future proof and be able to stream and run everything we do.

After that problem was solved we ran in problems regarding pricing, setup and sponsoring. We worked hard to get all of the problems out of the way and after 2 more months we got the green light from school @ 28th of February.
The plan was to have the whole facility ready end of April and operational at the end of May. Then more bad news hit us as our supplier had a delay in the shipment of the parts of the computers. The computers arrived on the end of June. The setups were ready 22th of July and this is where we are at right now.

We want to thank you all for your patience and faith you had in us and we hope that we didn’t disappoint anyone. We will make this a great year with all of you.
Much love.

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