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The future

We want to achieve the following as an organization: educational development, development of our way of teaching, influence into the esports industry.

For the educational development: We want to help studies adept their course material to the newest developments in esports. An example of this is the Media and entertainment study. We work together to ensure that their course stays up-to-date. We help them focus on newer platforms, like Twitch. Just like what happened in the past with internet in general replacing the ''classic'' media.

Development of our way of teaching: We want to develop our way of teaching and coaching in esports, so that we can easily employ people into the industry. In the meantime we want to bring our organization to the next level, so we can reach more people.
Influence in the esports industry on a competitive level: We want to employ a main team with a 10 man roster that we contract for a year. This is to develop talent over a longer period of time. Scholarships are being offered in exchange for these contracts. Through these means we can support talent and do this trough a sustainable way.

We work hard to achieve these goals and we strive to achieve them in a time span of 12 to 18 months. We want to set new standards for the industry and push everyone to the next level by proving this concept and increasing our footprint in the industry. We look forward to future partnerships and want to make sure that we prove your faith in us.

Writer - HugMePleasee
Editor - WhyYouDoThis